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YT-3700 / 3750 series Smart Valve Positioner accurately controls valve stroke in response to an input signal of 4~20mA from the controller. Built-in micro-processor optimizes the positioner’s performance and provides unique functions such as Auto-Calibration, PID Control, and HART Protocol Communications.

Main Features

  1. LCD display enables users to monitor the positioner status.
  2. User will easily understand the method of using 4 buttons because it work same in all versions of firmware interfaces.
  3. When unexpected situation like momentary blackout happens, our positioner boot-time only take 0.5 second and this can minimize the travel of valve which consequentially increase the safety of system.
  4. Positioner operates normally even there are sudden changes in supply pressure and / or high vibration environment.
  5. The method of Auto Calibration is very simple.
  6. As an advantage of having very low air consumption, It could greatly reduce operating costs in large-scale plants.
  7. It is compatible with most of controllers.
  8. Orifices can be installed even in the field to minimize the hunting occurrence and optimize operating conditions.


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