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K Range Actuator

With the K Range high torque actuator, Rotork is now able to offer all the proven design advantages of its established ranges at higher torque values than have previously been possible. Available in three models, K4000, K5500 and K7000, these actuators offer torque ratings of up to 7000 Nm and thrust ratings of up to 1115 kN.

Standard K Range high torque features include:

  • Low ratio worm / wormwheel gear combined with final spur reduction gear offering a combined drive efficiency above that of conventional worm reduction designs. The gearcase is oil filled for normal operation in a temperature range of -30 to +70 C.
  • Separate thrust bases providing increased stem acceptance and thrust if required. Base and flange dimensions to ISO standards.
  • Very advanced all metal counter switch mechanism featuring combined torque and position switch with torque switch latch which prevents valve hammering throughout travel with non-self-locking gears. Switch mechanism is quickly and easily set using only a conventional screwdriver. As with other Rotork designs, the reaction force on the wormshaft, in direct proportion to the output torque is used to trip the ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ adjustable torque switches.
  • Built-in squirrel cage motor with winding thermostat, specially designed for valve operation and combining low inertia with high torque. Class F insulation as standard.
  • Hammerblow backlash feature permitting motor to gain full speed before unsticking tight stem nuts, etc.
  • Hand/auto selector lever insures positive engagement of handwheel drive. Power drive automatically restored by motor start unless lever padlocked to prevent it. Generously proportioned wormdrive handwheel provided as standard operating through hammerblow mechanism. The side handwheel ratio is 90:1 giving a mechanical advantage of 33:1.
  • High output speeds at high torque enable large valves to be operated quickly and permit favorable top mounted actuator configuration.
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