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Series code: SX

Heavy-duty limit switch boxes, designed for hazardous areas, provide a visual and electrical remote position feedback on automated valves.

Available in die cast aluminum matching the Ex d IIB T6 standards. The SX is our solution reaching  Ex d IIB T6 requirements.  Thanks to spare pass through terminals, the three cable entries either metrics or imperial and different visual position indications, provide a highly customizable solution meeting a wide range of applications. These including, but not limited to, the Oil and Gas, both onshore and off shore, and Petrochemical industries.

Features :

  • Twin shaft design, ensuring a complete sealed device: the shaft is splitted in two parts, each fitted and sealed into the body and cover for the best weather insulation even during opening operation.
  • Enhanced flexibility of electrical feedbacks options.
  • Up to three cable entries available in different sizes.
  • Easy wiring through the terminal PCB board
  • NOVA V3™ switch option ensures extreme durability and high power switching capabilities
  • 4-20 mA position transmitter options
  • Single tool opening design, allowing the operator to unscrew the lid by hand after removing the locker
  • Captive bolts on the screwed lid.
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