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Series code: SM

Compact limit switch box, designed not only for the industrial market, but for indoor applications in hazardous areas.
Available in nickel plated aluminum, with flat lid or 3D indicator.

The SM is a corrosion resistant device, able to satisfy the needing in water treatment and desalination plants; SM can also match the Ex ia IIC T6 standards with the integral intrinsically safe certification, covering enclosure and electrical components inside.

With these devices, we are providing a ready to mount solution, thanks to the integrated Namur mounting kit.

Features :

  • Glass reinforced resin enclosure with transparent polycarbonate lid, ensuring a device totally unaffected by corrosion, in salty and humid atmosphere.
  • Two cable entries either metrics or imperial.
  • Enhanced strength on the composite enclosure, with a thick molding and durable threaded cable entries.
  • Easy wiring through the terminal PCB board
  • NOVA V3™ switch option ensures extreme durability and high power switching capabilities
  • ASI communication protocol board
  • Integrated mounting kit for Namur actuators.
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